Why 3P'S Consulting?

Every program is unique, just as every child is unique. I take time to get to know your program needs and how you are unique, partnering to determine the best solutions to produce your desired outcomes.

Customized Solutions

Having several years’ experience with Head Start and Child Care I can controversial speech ideas customize solutions to align with Head Performance Standards and Licensing requirements.

We Put You First

I put your program and services first, designing around the population you serve, the education and experience levels of educators and other staff, and your program design.

Connecting The Dots

As a CLASS© Observer I connect the dots supporting educators understanding of applied teaching practice and how it translates into CLASS© outcomes.

Practiced Based Coaching

Practice-Based Coaching as proven its effectiveness in increasing chiefessays.net teacher effectiveness and child outcomes. Using the CLASS© Domains and the Pyramid Model to inform goals and coaching needs ensures teachers are equipped and empowered to support challenging behaviors and provide quality learning experiences for children.

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About 3P’s Consulting

Mission Statement – Empower early childhood professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver high quality early childhood services.

Vision – For all early childhood professional to be empowered and confident in the delivery of quality teaching practice.


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